IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 11 Exam

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IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 11 Exam

Which two actions should a technician take if illegal content, such as child pornography, is discovered on the hard drive of a customer computer? (Choose two.)

Contact a first responder.
Confront the customer immediately.
Shut down the computer until authorities arrive.
Document as much information as possible.
Remove and destroy the hard drive.

What is the definition of cyber law?

a single law defining criminal acts that are committed online
a contract that defines expectations between and organization and IT service vendors for an agreed upon level of support
the process of collecting and analyzing data from computer systems, networks, wireless communications, and storage devices
the collection of international, country, and local laws that affect computer security professionals

When performing computer forensics, what can be prevented with a properly and carefully documented chain of custody?

identity theft
copying of copyrighted materials
evidence tampering
cyber crime

During the process of troubleshooting, a technician gains access to customer private information. What is expected that the technician do with this information?

Send this information to the manager of the customer.
Back up the information just in case the customer needs it some day.
Document all information in a log file.
Send this information to the technician manager.
Keep it confidential.


IT Essentials v4.1 Chapter 11 Exam
Refer to the exhibit. During the troubleshooting of software that is installed on a computer system, a level one technician requires help from a level two technician. The file shown in the exhibit must be sent to the level two technician. How should the level one technician deliver this file?

Send the file as it is to the level two technician.
Deliver the file in printed format only.
Replace all passwords in the file with before emailing the file and then supply the passwords by secure means, if required.
This file should not be shared with the level two technician.

What are two sections that are usually included in an SLA? (Choose two.)

supported equipment and software
home contact information of the technician
service provider part suppliers
time of service availability
contact information of other clients

Which two rules pertain to the general daily activities of employees in a call center environment? (Choose two.)

The technician should contact the customer if the technician is going to be late for a follow-up appointment.
The technician should adjust the work chair to a height that is high enough so that wrists angle downwards toward the keyboard.
The technician should be sure to treat all customers equally.
If a customer complains about another technician, the technician who is taking the call should agree with opinion of the customer.
If a technician takes a call from a customer the technician does not like, the technician should pass the call to another technician.

Which statement describes a best practice related to time management?

The technician can take the call of another technician, even without permission to do so.
The technician should give better service to a customer for whom the technician feels more sympathy.
The technician should take the easier calls first, regardless of the urgency.
The technician should make sure to call the customer back as close to the callback time as possible.

Which two statements are correct about level one and level two technicians? (Choose two.)

Level two technicians usually respond to the “down calls” as they may be able to resolve them faster.
Level one technicians usually work on the problems that require opening up the computer case.
Level two technicians are often referred to as “incident screeners,” and level one technicians are often referred to as “product specialists.”
Level two technicians are usually more knowledgeable about technology than the level one technicians are.
Level two technicians prepare a work order and escalate it to a level one technician if a problem cannot be resolved within ten minutes.

What should a level two technician do immediately after receiving an escalated work order from a level one technician?

Call the customer back to ask any additional questions and resolve the problem.
Call the level one technician and ask questions about the problem.
Document suggestions to solve the problem in the work order and return it to the level one technician.
Send the work order to a level three technician and ask for support.

A customer calls to report a computer problem. Which two actions can the technician take to establish a good rapport with the customer? (Choose two.)

Use technical terms to determine the level of knowledge the customer possesses.
Allow the customer to speak without interruption.
Personalize the call by periodically asking questions unrelated to the computer problem.
Refer to the customer by name whenever possible.
Ask only closed-ended questions.

What is the correct way to conduct a telephone call to troubleshoot a computer problem?

Always gather information from the customer and escalate the problem.
Ask personal questions to get better acquainted with the customer.
Explain each step to help the customer understand the troubleshooting process.
Maintain professional behavior at all times.

A technician receives a call from a customer who is too talkative. How should the technician handle the call?

Politely step in and gain control of the call by asking the customer social questions.
Allow the customer to speak without interruption and then try to use closed-ended questions to gather data.
Use open-ended questions and repeat all the information back to the customer to politely show that unnecessary information is being given.
Talk over the customer and quickly gather the necessary information to be of help.

What are two examples of displaying professional communication skills while talking to a customer? (Choose two.)

focusing on what you cannot do to give customers an idea of the magnitude of the problem
clarifying what customers say after they have finished their explanations
interrupting customers with a question to gather more information
asking customers to paraphrase their explanations
the use of active listening, with occasional interjections such as “I see” or “I understand”

What are three pieces of information a level one technician should gather from a customer? (Choose three.)

details of any recent changes to the computer
description of the problem
output from diagnostic software
output from a remote connection to the customer computer
current CMOS settings
contact information

Which situation would require that a support desk call be given the highest priority?

A couple of computers have operating system errors.
The company cannot operate because of a system failure.
Some computers cannot log in to the network.
Two users are requesting an application enhancement.
A user is requesting a RAM memory upgrade.

Which two data storage locations contain persistent data that can be used by computer forensics specialists? (Choose two.)

solid state drives
CPU registers
hard disk drives

In a computer forensics investigation, which type of data is considered volatile data and can be lost if power is removed from the computer?

data in transit between RAM and the CPU
data stored on an internal drive
data stored on an external drive
data stored on magnetic disks

What customer support procedure would likely cause an upset customer to become more upset?

Ask the customer to do obvious or unnecessary steps.
Reiterate that you want to solve the problem.
Follow a step-by-step approach to solving the problem.
Apologize for the wait time if there has been no wait time.

What name is given to a certain set of general rules that apply to written communication over the Internet?

flame wars
online interactions
Internet slang

When performing computer forensics what is required to prove a chain of custody?

an admission of guilt
collected evidence
proper documentation procedures
expert testimony

What is a reason to escalate a problem from a level one technician to a level two technician?

when the equipment needs to be rebooted
when the screen resolution of a customer PC needs to be adjusted
when drivers, applications, or operating systems need to be installed
when a peripheral device needs to be replaced

Which two ports are used to connect external media readers to a computer? (Choose two.)


A customer is interested in video editing and has purchased a FireWire hard drive for storage of videos. However, no FireWire ports are available on the motherboard. What type of adapter will the customer be interested in obtaining?


A technician begins gathering data from a customer by asking open-ended questions. Which question is a proper open-ended question?

Were any recent updates performed?
Has anyone installed new software in the past two days?
Are you the only user to use the PC recently?
What happens when the PC is powered on?

What is the recommended procedure for cleaning a computer fan assembly?

Remove the fan assembly and wash it in warm soapy water.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the fan blades.
Hold the fan blades in place and clean them with compressed air.
Blow compressed air on the fan so that its high rate of spin will throw off all dust and debris.

Which method of disk writing does RAID 5 use?

error-correcting coding

When a technician is servicing a laser printer, which two dangers need to be avoided? (Choose two.)

mercury poisoning
electrical shock
chromium ingestion
lead poisoning

Under which circumstance would the use of an antistatic wrist strap be discouraged?

when working in a dry environment
when removing memory from a laptop
when working with high voltage circuits
when replacing a video card on a desktop computer

How should a floppy disk drive be cleaned?

Apply a vacuum cleaner to the disk slot.
Use a drive cleaning kit.
Spray an isopropyl alcohol based cleaner into the hole provided in the drive.
Remove heads and clean with a mild detergent.

What is a critical step when installing a second PATA hard drive in a computer?

Set the swap file size on the new drive.
Set the drive ID number with the correct jumper.
Configure the BIOS settings to auto-detect the master drive.
Ensure that pin one of the PATA data cable is correctly aligned with the connector.

Why should you use an antistatic mat when working on the internal components of a computer?

protect the technician against electrical shock
reduce the chance of computer components being damaged by ESD
prevent the technician’s tools from being damaged by ESD
protect computer components from AC voltage while working on the computer

What manufacturing process makes a multicore processor operate faster than a single-core processor on the same motherboard?

The multicore processors are designed to take advantage of more memory on the motherboard.
The multicore processors are designed with lower Level 2 caches on the chip, and they make better use of the cache on the motherboard.
The multicore processors are designed with multiple processors integrated into the same circuit.
The multicore processors are designed to have better access to RAM on the motherboard.

Which type of hard drive cable connects drives in a daisy chain series and requires manual termination at each end of the daisy chain to prevent data corruption?


A technician is concerned that a computer is overheating. The computer reboots without warning. What can the technician do to improve the circulation of air through the computer?

Add a heat sink to the CPU.
Add one or more case fans.
Replace the case with one that has front air vents.
Install the CPU into a thermal cooling unit overnight.

A technician needs to retrieve a DVD from an optical drive that is jammed and fails to open. What is the best method the technician could use to retrieve the DVD?

Disconnect the data cables from the optical drive when the power is on and press the eject button.
Insert a pin in the small hole next to the eject button.
Remove the drive and then disassemble the drive.
Remove the power source and then hold the eject button while reconnecting the power source.

You are monitoring a new technician installing a device driver on a Windows-based PC. The technician asks why the company requires the use of signed drivers. What would be the best response to give?

Signed drivers prevent physical damage to devices.
An unsigned driver can cause files to be fragmented as they are processed.
A signed driver has passed Microsoft’s quality lab test and prevents a system from being compromised.
All companies making devices for a Windows computer have to have Microsoft sign off on the new driver before it can be added to the operating system.
A signed driver has been approved by the company that created the device driver.

What is the recommended way to clean an optical drive?

Use compressed air and lint-free cotton swabs.
Use cotton swabs and denatured alcohol.
Use a vacuum cleaner.
Use glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth.

Why should a technician avoid using magnetized tools when repairing a computer?

They can generate ESD that can affect the CPU.
They can cause polarity changes on the motherboard.
They store ESD and discharge on contact with computer components.
They can induce current which can damage internal computer components.

A technician has determined that a computer is failing to boot because of a power supply that is not supplying power to the hard drives. What is the correct course of action?

The technician should attempt to repair the power supply. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the power supply should be thrown in the trash and replaced.
The technician should attempt to repair the power supply. If the technician is unsuccessful, the power supply should be replaced with a power supply of equal or greater wattage.
No attempt should be made to repair the power supply. The power supply should be replaced with a power supply of equal or greater wattage.
Power supplies should always be replaced with components of equal or less wattage to avoid damage to the system from excess power to internal components.

When a computer boots, the hard disk is not recognized. What are two possible causes of the problem? (Choose two.)

The two disk drives are connected to the same IDE cable.
The power cable is not attached properly to the drive.
The IDE drive is jumpered as the master, and the CD drive connected to the same cable is jumpered as the slave.
The data cable is loose or disconnected.
The floppy disk cable is connected to the hard drive.

While performing routine maintenance, a user notices that the desk area around the computer is cluttered and dusty. After cleaning the desk area, what action should the user take to clean the computer?

Vacuum all dust and debris from the computer.
Remove all dust and debris from the computer using a can of compressed air.
Clean the internal components of the computer using a non-abrasive spray cleaner and an anti-static sponge.
Clean the inside of the computer using a lint-free cloth and a pencil to dislodge stuck or embedded debris.

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