CCNA 4 Chapter 3 Exam Answer v5 & v5.02 2015 (100%)

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  1. At which layer of the OSI model does multiplexing take place?

    • Layer 1
    • Layer 2
    • Layer 3
    • Layer 4
  2. Which command can be used to view the cable type that is attached to a serial interface?

    • Router(config)# show interfaces
    • Router(config)# show controllers
    • Router(config)# show ip interface
    • Router(config)# show ip interface brief
  3. Which field marks the beginning and end of an HDLC frame?

    • Data
    • FCS
    • Control
    • Flag
  4. Which serial 0/0/0 interface state will be shown if no serial cable is attached to the router, but everything else has been correctly configured and turned on?

    • Serial 0/0/0 is up, line protocol is up
    • Serial 0/0/0 is up, line protocol is down
    • Serial 0/0/0 is down, line protocol is down
    • Serial 0/0/0 is up (looped)
    • Serial 0/0/0 is up (disabled)
    • Serial 0/0/0 is administratively down, line protocol is down
  5. Which is an advantage of using PPP on a serial link instead of HDLC?

    • option for authentication
    • higher speed transmission
    • fixed-size frames
    • option for session establishment
  6. What are three components of PPP? (Choose three.)

    • authentication
    • LCP
    • multilink
    • NCP
    • compression
    • HDLC-like framing
  7. How does PPP interface with different network layer protocols?

    • by using separate NCPs
    • by negotiating with the network layer handler
    • by encoding the information field in the PPP frame
    • by specifying the protocol during link establishment through LCP
  8. Which address is used in the Address field of a PPP frame?

    • a single byte of binary 00000000
    • a single byte of binary 10101010
    • a single byte of binary 11111111
    • the IP address of the serial interface
  9. Which three physical layer interfaces support PPP? (Choose three.)

    • FastEthernet
    • GigabitEthernet
    • POTS
    • asynchronous serial
    • synchronous serial
    • HSSI
  10. Which three are types of LCP frames used with PPP? (Choose three.)

    • link-negotiation frames
    • link-acknowledgment frames
    • link-maintenance frames
    • link-termination frames
    • link-control frames
    • link-establishment frames
  11. Which protocol will terminate the PPP link after the exchange of data is complete?

    • NCP
    • LCP
    • IPCP
    • IPXCP
  12. During a PPP session establishment phase, which two messages are sent by the requested party if the options are not acceptable? (Choose two.)

    • Configure-Nak
    • Code-Reject
    • Protocol-Reject
    • Configure-Reject
    • Discard-Request
  13. Which three statements are true about PPP? (Choose three.)

    • PPP can use synchronous and asynchronous circuits.
    • PPP can only be used between two Cisco devices.
    • PPP carries packets from several network layer protocols in LCPs.
    • PPP uses LCPs to establish, configure, and test the data link connection.
    • PPP uses LCPs to agree on format options such as authentication, compression, and error detection.
  14. Which PPP option can detect links that are in a looped-back condition?

    • Magic Number
    • MRU
    • Callback
    • ACCM
  15. When configuring Multilink PPP, where is the IP address for the multilink bundle configured?

    • on a physical serial interface
    • on a subinterface
    • on a multilink interface
    • on a physical Ethernet interface
  16. Refer to the exhibit. Which statement describes the status of the PPP connection?CCNA 4 Chapter 3 Exam Answer v5 & v5.02 2015 (100%)

    • Only the link-establishment phase completed successfully.
    • Only the network-layer phase completed successfully.
    • Neither the link-establishment phase nor the network-layer phase completed successfully.
    • Both the link-establishment and network-layer phase completed successfully.
  17. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring the PPP link between the two routers. However, the PPP link cannot be established. Based on the partial output of the show running-config command, what is the cause of the problem?​CCNA 4 Chapter 3 Exam Answer v5 & v5.02 2015 (100%)

    • The usernames do not match.
    • The passwords do not match.
    • The passwords should be longer than 8 characters.
    • The interface IP addresses are in different subnets.
  18. In which situation would the use of PAP be preferable to the use of CHAP?

    • when router resources are limited
    • when multilink PPP is used
    • when plain text passwords are needed to simulate login at the remote host
    • when a network administrator prefers it because of ease of configuration
  19. A network administrator is evaluating authentication protocols for a PPP link. Which three factors might lead to the selection of CHAP over PAP as the authentication protocol? (Choose three.)

    • establishes identities with a two-way handshake
    • uses a three-way authentication periodically during the session to reconfirm identities
    • control by the remote host of the frequency and timing of login events
    • transmits login information in encrypted format
    • uses an unpredictable variable challenge value to prevent playback attacks
    • makes authorized network administrator intervention a requirement to establish each session
  20. Refer to the exhibit. Based on the debug command output that is shown, which statement is true of the operation of PPP.CCNA 4 Chapter 3 Exam Answer v5 & v5.02 2015 (100%)

    • CHAP authentication failed because of an unknown hostname.
    • A PPP session was successfully established.
    • Both PAP and CHAP authentication were attempted.
    • The debug output is from router R2.
  21. Match the phases of establishing a PPP session in the correct order. (Not all options are used.)CCNA 4 Chapter 3 Exam Answer v5 & v5.02 2015 (100%)

  22. Match the PPP option with the correct description. (Not all options are used.)CCNA 4 Chapter 3 Exam Answer v5 & v5.02 2015 (100%)

  23. Match the steps to the PPP CHAP authentication process sequence. (Not all options are used.)CCNA 4 Chapter 3 Exam Answer v5 & v5.02 2015 (100%)

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